The Man With No Face Origins

The Man With No Face Origins

Hello and welcome to the first edition of “The Horror!” which is a new open ended photo project I’m working on exclusively for my blog! (You can read the full run down here) For the first edition I really wanted to go back to my favorite horror character that I created back in October of 2012. I only had one photo of what I called “The Man with no Face” so I thought it would be fitting to put him in a few more photos and show how the character became who he was in this fictional nightmare.   So without further adieu I give you,

The Man with no Face Origins

Starring: Victoria Paege as the Vanity Killer and Curtis Lee as The Man with no Face

 2 years later… He Came Back

To see behind the scenes photos as well as get an inside look at how we created the gore for this series click here!

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